PRESERVE AND SHARE YOUR HISTORY! The County of Brant Public Library is hosting another SCAN AND SHARE EVENT at the St. George Branch of the Library on Saturday October 29th, 2011 from 10 am to 2 pm. The branch is located at 78 Main Street North. Your family history and our digital scanner can combine to help build an amazing online history collection. We do not keep your originals, but simply make a detailed, archival quality, scan of them – whether it be family photos, old postcards, deeds, letters home, report cards, even artifacts like school ribbons or Fall Fair prizes. We would love to have the chance to scan the items, have you identify them for us and permit us to share them (either now or later) to help tell the story of St. George, Harrisburg, Glen Morris, etc. Your old family photos could have interesting details in the background – of old shops, torn down schools, long forgotten motor vehicles or farm equipment – perhaps even a railway bridge. The process is generally quite fast. If you know someone who has interesting photos or scrapbooks, etc. please pass the word along to them – it is a shame when local history disappears. You will probably have heard of stories of people downsizing and throwing out what could have been valuable photos, papers, etc. You can view previous images at For more information please call 519-448-2433. The County of Brant Public Library has partnered with the SDHS on this digital project, supported by a generous grant from the Trillium Foundation.