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Some interesting pictures and facts about South Dumfries.


This is the Grist Mill in St. George taken about 1915











The History of St. George

‘There is a history. which if recorded or capable of being recorded. would be interesting indeed, and would furnish us with a religion of gratitude. It is the ‘History of the Pioneer’, so wrote Goldwin Smith. Thus it should always be with ‘a religion of gratitude’ that local historians should attempt to record the history of one’s community accurately and lovingly as a continuing and indelible tribute to those sturdy pioneers who endured hardships, broke trails, built homes and reared families as well as establish industries and businesses in our community.

The two vital factors of the area, which caused settlers to locate hero, before William Dickson purchased North and South Dumfries for the approximate cost of one dollar an acre, were the flowing wells and the excellent farming !and.

St. George was originally called Bauslaugh Mills in honour of John Bauslaugh, an early settler who had a sawmill east of the Station Road (Branchton Road toward Highway 99).

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Other businesses on Main Street were several grocery stores and a post office, an undertaking business, a hotel, library, barbershop and harness shop.

This is only a brief summary of Main Street prior to the twentieth century.

Mrs. J. Wehrstein

Original Curator of the

St. George Old School Museum

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