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Mystery of the St. George Strawberry Festival

This photo of a handbill for a Strawberry Festival was taken on February 7th, 2009 at the Open House for the new St. George Mill Animal Hospital. During renovations of the old Snowball Mill, this poster was found still glued to one of the support pillars that have been preserved.

The mystery is – when was this Strawberry Festival?

The clues are:

It happened on a “Saturd’y, July 1” (why they couldn’t fit that one “a” in is another mystery….)

It was in support of the “Methodist Sabbath School” – so it was before the Methodist Church merged into the “United Church.”

Ashley Cooper was the Superintendant.

and, Twenty Five cents went a lot further at the time…

Are those enough clues for someone to solve the mystery of the Strawberry Festival handbill?

The second photo gives a better idea of how the support pillars have been saved and add architectural interest to the Veterinary Clinic.

St. George Old Mill Animal Hospital:


41 Main Street South
(2nd Floor)
P.O. Box 31,
St. George, Ontario,
N0E 1N0

Dr. Joanne Scherer
Dr. Vicky Callen


  1. there also is a handwritten notation on a beam on the 3rd floor that identifies the recent 1900 renovation when it expanded from a 2 1/2 story to a 4 story and and also doubling the foot print
    Levi Shotz
    mar 15
    come to visit it— Bill Janssen

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