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Celebrate the Navy 100 onboard HMCS Haida

The Canadian Navy is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Military Museum in Brantford is one place to explore to learn more about this branch of our Armed Forces. Another great place is close by in Hamilton, Ontario, onboard an actual ship!

HMCS Haida
National Historic Site of Canada

Hours of Operation (Open Seasonally)
From May 15th until September 6th
Open seven days a week – 10am – 5pm

September 7th – October 11th – Please call for hours

She is the last remaining example of the 27 Tribal Class destroyers built for the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy between 1937 and 1945. It has been said that The Tribals were “magnificent in appearance, majestic in movement and menacing in disposition”.

Technologically, they represented the most advanced naval architecture, marine propulsion systems and weaponry of their time.

Once, HAIDA was a mighty fighting ship. Today, she is an irreplaceable historic artifact and her significance has been formally recognized by the Canadian Historic Sites and Monuments Board.

Not only is the ship historically significant, but she is a cultural asset representing a life style, however transient, of more than a generation of Canadians who served in Canada’s Navy between 1943 and 1963.

The thousands of men who sailed in Haida represented a total cross section of Canadian society during that period.

Admission fees:
Adult $3.90
Senior $3.40
Youth $1.90
Family/Group $9.80
School Groups, per student $1.90

(Fees listed are valid from April 1, 2010 until March 31, 2011. Please check back on April 1 of each year for new and updated fee information. All fees listed include applicable taxes and are subject to change – and probably will change when the HST starts up.)