Welcome & Goodbye on the SDHS Board


At the South Dumfries Historical Society meeting in March, a new Board was elected by the membership. Well, a “new-ish” board….

Joann MacLachlan, one of those people who is far too busy in retirement, submitted her resignation from the board which was reluctantly accepted given that she has been a great help to us (and despite not coming on the board initially, she has been with us in a support role since our founding meetings).

She will find, of course, that we will continue to lean on her for help now and then, but we wish her the best in all her other activities.

At the same time, David Judd agreed to stand for election to the Board and we are delighted to have him as part of the team now.

David has a great deal of experience as a newspaperman, but he has also worked with the Brant Historical Society for years and helped them in many ways. He has been involved as part of their Board of Directors, as a member of their publications committee and as an annual guest speaker for their December meetings.

He is already excited about our upcoming Jane’s Walk and is helping us to organize this first time event. Welcome aboard, David!

Betty Ames, Gwen Hunter, Cliff Jones and David Simpson return as Board members for this term.


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