Stars of the Town – St. George 1947


Dubbed “Stars of the Town” by their creator, the late Rev. LeRoy (Roy) H. Massecar (1918-2003), the collection of silent black and white 8mm films representing 88 Ontario locations depict small town life in the province between 1947 and 1949.

The St. George edition, although short in length, has wonderful footage of a dance in the Memorial Hall, various Main Street businesses, the Fire Department in action, and a parade of school children.

The DVD is available to borrow at the St. George Library, and is also available for purchase through the University of Western Ontario Archives department. The cost is just $15.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 for shipping. Visit the website for the Archives at

for more information. Other communities such as Lynden, Ayr, Stoney Creek, Burford and Princeton are also available in the collection.