Another clue and a plug for Doug Mannen's book


As a further clue to the Mystery of the St. George Strawberry Festival, the “Snowball Mill,” now home to the Brown Dog Cafe and the St. George Mill Animal Hospital, was built by William Snowball (hence the name). He began work on the Mill in the Spring of 1869 and it was completed approximately three years later. So, in order for Ashley Cooper to paste a handbill to one of the support pillars, it would have likely had to have been after 1871….

If you had read Douglas A. Mannen’s book “St. George: From Bauslaugh’s Mill to the Present,” which was conveniently reprinted by the South Dumfries Historical Society and is now available for the very reasonable price of just $10 a copy, you would have been able to find out that fact.

The book is available at the Museum and also at the Brantford Museum on Charlotte Street and at the Classic Vault Emporium, on Main Street St. George (Thanks to Jean Hastings, who regularly brings us in the proceeds from the sale of these books!)

You can learn all sorts of interesting things about St. George in this book and see a great photo of the Old Mill from 1907 on page 53.


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